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Satisfactory Academic Progress

For any student to remain eligible for Title IV aid, that student must maintain federal satisfactory academic progress (SAP). Lackawanna College’s Office of Student Financial Services federal SAP policy includes quantitative and qualitative measures that are reviewed at the end of every spring semester.  Students who are not making SAP are not eligible for Title IV aid for the upcoming academic year unless they are approved by SFS for an SAP appeal.

If a student is academically dismissed from the College, the student’s financial aid will be immediately cancelled.

Qualitative and Quantitative Measures, and Maximum Time Frame

These SAP standards apply to all students seeking Title IV aid. Students must meet all three measures to be eligible for Title IV aid.

Qualitative Measure – Cumulative GPA

  • Must achieve a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA (32+ earned credits)
  • Must achieve a minimum 1.8 cumulative GPA (0-31 earned credits)

Quantitative Measure – Cumulative Pace of Completion

Students must complete 67% of the total cumulative attempted credits. Pace of completion is calculated by dividing the number of cumulative credit hours earned by the cumulative number of attempted credit hours. Earned credit hours are for coursework in which the student received a grade of D or better and any transferable credits.

Maximum Time Frame – Degree Program Completion

Students must complete their program of study within 150 percent of their degree program length. The maximum time frame calculation: attempted credits, part-time attendance, and transferred credits. For credit hours earned when the student did not receive any Title IV aid will still be included in the calculation.  If the student exceeds the maximum time frame allowed then they will be ineligible to Title IV funds unless granted an appeal.  For degree programs that require 60 credits, 150% of 60 credits is equal to the maximum time  frame of 90 cumulative credits.  For degree programs that require 120 credits, 150% of 120 credits is equal to the maximum time from of 180 cumulative credits.

Evaluation Period

The Office of Student Financial Services evaluates SAP at the end of the spring semester every academic year.  Lackawanna does not have a warning period for notifying students who are not making SAP.  If granted an SAP appeal, the student is placed on probation for one payment period.

SAP Appeal

Students who are determined ineligible for federal financial aid due to the lack of satisfactory progress are not entitled to any federal aid until eligibility is regained as stated in the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy. However, if special circumstances exist, the student may submit a typed letter of appeal explaining his/her reasons for not meeting the satisfactory progress requirements and provide when appropriate third-party documentation. The required documents listed below should be submitted to the Office of Financial Aid within thirty (30) days of receiving your letter of ineligibility (Suspension Notice).

The SAP appeal will need to include the following:

  • A typed detailed and signed statement explaining the extenuating circumstance that is preventing you from maintaining satisfactory academic progress.
  • Details and documentation (if applicable) on how will your situation has now changed to allow you to meet satisfactory academic progress in the future?
  • Supporting documentation of the extenuating circumstances.

Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Form Instructions can be found on the Student Portal as well as the SAP sample letter.